Unable to Charge the AMAZFIT Verge?

Normally, the charging interface will be displayed in the watch screen during the process of charging.

1. When charging the watch, please check the salient copper cylinder on the lower base and the cupreous contact point on the AMAZFIT Verge for their aligned contact to prevent opposite connection between them, which will result a failure to charge the watch.

2. Please confirm the charging end for the AMAZFIT Verge is electric. It is recommended to use a computer USB interface or a branded mobile phone charging head for charging. Such mobile phone charging heads must have a rated DC input voltage of 5.0V and an input current of more than 500mA.

3. Please check the charging copper cylinder or the contact point of the copper cylinder for dirt or rust marks. If there is any, please clean them until you cannot see them in the direction of illumination.

4. Please tightly press the base to ensure a close contact between the base and the watch.

5. If none of the above methods works, you can try to replace the charging base, USB charging cable, or the charging head.

How to Link the Watch to your Mobile Phone?

Search in all major application markets for the “AMAZFIT Verge App” and install it. Then take out your AMAZFIT Verge, long press the right key for about 6 seconds. Then the display will be on and the watch will enter its boot state. After the watch is successfully activated, the QR Code interface will pop up. Then, press the watch App that has been downloaded in your mobile phone and choose your account to log in the App. After logging in, press the button “Link Now” and follow the prompts to complete this operation.

Time Format Setting.

Watch system setting General 12/24 time format.

How to Replace the Dial Plate of AMAZFIT Verge?

There are three methods available.

You can set it in AMAZFIT Verge App: under the condition that the mobile phone is connected to the watch, open this App and select this option directly in the “Dial Plate” menu.

You can set it in your watch: press the home key and long press the center of the watch screen to zoom out the dial plate. Then, slide left or right to select the appropriate dial plate.

Watch: Watch system settings Preferences Dial plate Peplace dial plate.

Link the Watch to Bluetooth Headset.

1. First, set the Bluetooth headset in paired mode;

2. Slide-down the watch dial plate interface – System settings – Connection – Bluetooth device, press the name of the Bluetooth you need for connection.

If such search for connection is unavailable in paired mode, please upload the ID as provided in the opinion and feedback section in the watch, and provide the name of the Bluetooth Headset in the list of the Bluetooth device of the mobile phone.

Note: The time for searching the Bluetooth device is limited to approximately 10 seconds. If the searching time exceeds this limitation, the watch will stop searching. So, the Bluetooth headset must be set in paired mode first. Then, press the Bluetooth device and move the watch closer to the Bluetooth headset for searching and linking (for common Bluetooth device, long press the power key of the Bluetooth headset for approximately 5 seconds. The Bluetooth headset is in paired mode when the red and blue indicator lights twinkle. For Apple AirPods, search online or dial Apple hotline for its pairing method.)

Is the AMAZFIT Verge Waterproof?

AMAZFIT Verge has a waterproof grade of IP68. Its waterproof ability is designed for resisting water in our daily life, such as, liquid splash caused by washing hands or face, or a short-time water immersion. You cannot wear the watch when you swim, shower, sauna or take a bath in hot spring.

The IP grade is the rating of protection against foreign matter intrusion in the electrical equipment casing. “I” stands for dustproof grade, and “P” stands for waterproof grade. The AMAZFIT Verge has a dustproof grade of 6 and a waterproof grade of 8. So its waterproof ability is limited to immersion in still water less than 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes.

Do Not Disturb mode and Auto Do Not Disturb settings.
Once the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, the watch will not vibrate to remind for any incoming call or APP notification.

Setting method:

Method 1: Pull-down the watch time interface the moon icon on the left press the moon icon (the icon background color turns white), then it is turned on.

Method 2: Watch System Settings General Do Not Disturb Mode / Auto Do Not Disturb.

How long can the AMAZFIT Verge keep data by default?

Currently, the AMAZFIT Verge can automatically keep sports data for 7 days. About 30 pieces of sports data in the sports history records can be displayed in the watch. If the number is over 30, it will be overwritten one by one. You can just open the APP to synchronize the data timely.