Why can’t I connect my watch to my phone?

A. Check if the wristband has power. If the wristband is out of power, you cannot connect to your phone. It is recommended that you fully charge then connect to your phone.

B. Turn off/on Bluetooth.

C. Restart the phone

D. There may be too many devices in the area, try connecting again where there are less areas of Bluetooth devices.

Which app do I use for the AMAZFIT Cor?

Download the “Mi Fit” app for the AMAZFIT Cor. The “Mi Fit” app is available for iOS in the Apple Store and for Android in google Play Store, please search for “Mi Fit” and install the app.

What activity information is recorded on the watch?

In the “Status” menu you can see the number of:

– Steps

– Mileage

– Calories

– Sedentariness

Can I swim with the Cor?

The AMAZFIT Cor has a waterproof rating of 50 meters and can be used for water activities in shallower waters such as swimming pools or beachfront swimming. It can also be worn during showers or hot tub baths.

How do I measure my heart rate?

On the watch:

Wake up watch by tapping the Touch Bar and scroll up for the menu. Choose “Status” and Cor will automatically start measuring. After the measurement is successful, the display will be updated in real time until the display is closed.

On the app:

Open the “Mi Fit” app and make sure the Cor is connected. Tap “Status” on the lower left of screen, choose “Heart rate“, tap “Measure” at the bottom. After a few moments the app will show your current Heart Rate.

Is it possible to go for a run and leave the phone at home and then maybe download the route when finished?

No, you have to take your phone.