Specifications of AMAZFIT Band 2

Standard Configuration of AMAZFIT Band 2

Band, USB charging cable, user manual, and warranty

Notes: The user manual and warranty are on the same sheet of paper.

Main Functions of AMAZFIT Band 2


Does the radiation of AMAZFIT Band 2 harm the human body?

AMAZFIT Band 2 is made with a low-power consumption Bluetooth chip. Its radiation is much lower than that of a Bluetooth headset, and its signal strength is less than one thousandth of that of a mobile phone. After more than ten years of studies and surveys, the World Health Organization finds that Bluetooth signals will not do any harm to the human body. Therefore, please be rest assured to use the product.

What is the waterproof grade of AMAZFIT Band 2?

AMAZFIT Band 2 has passed the certification of the National Watch Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and its waterproof grade reaches 5ATM. That is, AMAZFIT Band 2 can be used for activities in shallow waters such as swimming pools or beach swimming, or in a shower or in the bathtub.

What is 5ATM?

5ATM refers to the waterproof depth of the band under standard conditions. Such conditions mean that the band has a certain extent of resistance to water pressure under stationary state. The pressure resistance value is not obtained under water, but based on a conversion of atmospheric pressure. The value of 5ATM indicates that the band can withstand the pressure of 50 meters under water under stationary state (5 atmospheres of pressure, or 5ATM), rather than that it can be used underwater within 50 meters.

Notes: 1 standard atmospheric pressure (ATM) = 101.325kPa (KPA)

Screen of AMAZFIT Band 2

AMAZFIT Band 2 is made with the 1.23-inch color wide viewing angle IPS TFT screen with a resolution of 80*160 RGB. The touch screen is made with the 2.5D Corning Gorilla three-generation tempered glass with excellent hardness, which is effective against scratches in daily life. The AF coating film on the glass surface can effectively eliminate awkward fingerprints on the surface.

What is the ambient temperature of using AMAZFIT Band 2?

0℃ to 40℃.

Notes: The working temperature limit of a conventional lithium battery is -20℃ to 60℃. Generally, when the temperature falls below 0℃, the lithium battery’s performance will drop rapidly and its discharge capacity will reduce accordingly. Therefore, the normal operating temperature of lithium batteries is 0℃ to 40℃to ensure stable performance.

Can AMAZFIT Band 2 be charged with a portable power source?


Notes: Portable power sources are mainly designed for mobile phones, and their charging current is about 1A. When a mobile phone is fully charged, it will enter the trickle charging state and the charging current will become extremely low. Some portable power sources even turn off the charging to save power. The charging current of AMAZFIT Band 2 is 85mA low current charging, because of which some portable power sources mistakenly assume that the band is fully charged and thus turn off the charging. Therefore, the band may not be fully charged with a portable power source. Mobile phone chargers or computer USB ports are recommended devices to charge the band.

Can the band be charged with a fast mobile phone charger?

Fast chargers with an input voltage of 5V may do.

How to charge AMAZFIT Band 2?

When you double tap the button and the screen is not lit or the battery is low, please charge the band immediately. Following the instructions, please stick the USB charging cable to the charging contact on the back of the band, and connect the USB interface on the other end to a mobile phone charger or computer USB port with a rated output voltage of 5V and an output current of 300mA or above to charge the band.

Notes: The voltage of all computer USB interfaces is 5.0V. Fast chargers with the charging voltage of 5V can also be used for charging the band.

What are the battery capacity and endurance of AMAZFIT Band 2?

The battery capacity is 160mAh, and the charging time is about 2.5 hours. Normally, the band can be used for a consecutive 20 days.


Standards for the 20-day endurance: With factory default settings, the band receives and displays 100 notifications per day, vibrates for 5 seconds for each alarm, raises to display 50 times, performs other operations for 3 minutes, manually measures heart rate 5 times, exercises 1 hour per week (enters the running function to detect the real-time heart rate and turn off the heart rate alert), and starts the Mi Fit App to synchronize data once a day.

Why can’t my AMAZFIT Band 2 be charged?

During normal charging, the screen of AMAZFIT Band 2 displays that the battery is being charged. If it cannot be charged, please refer to the following:

Make sure that the charging connector is connected to electricity, and use the recommended computer USB ports or brand mobile phone chargers to charge the band. The rated input voltage of such mobile phone chargers must be DC 5.0V, and the input current must be greater than 500mA.

2) Check whether the stainless steel charging contact is dirty. If it is, please clean it (use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe the contact until its metal luster can be clearly seen under bright light conditions) before trying again.

If the above solutions do not work, please send the band and the charging cable back to our after-sales service center for analysis.

Do I have to charge AMAZFIT Band 2 when it is totally out of power?

No. You are recommended to charge the band when the battery is below 10%.

Do I need to charge AMAZFIT Band 2 for a consecutive 12 hours before first use?

No. AMAZFIT Band 2 is made with a li-polymer battery. It doesn’t have the memory effect of nickel-cadmium batteries, so it can be charged whenever needed.

Why does my band (AMAZFIT Band 2) use up power so quickly?

Two most power-consuming items of AMAZFIT Band 2 are the motor vibration and the screen. It is normal to consume more power if the band vibrates many times or pushes many notifications. If you don’t use the foregoing functions frequently, please perform the following operations. Fully charge the band and turn off the mobile phone Bluetooth and alarms that have been set on the band (if any), put it away for 24 hours without any operations (such as sliding and using any functions), and observe the power consumption. If the power consumption exceeds 5% (3% if your band hasn’t turn on the bus pass service), give feedback and provide your Mi Fit ID to us to help us analyze and locate the problem.

Why aren’t the steps increasing after I’ve started walking?

To reduce errors, AMAZFIT Band 2 sets an initial value of 10 steps. When the number of steps is greater than 10, the band will start counting and the real-time steps on the App interface will change accordingly. That is to say, the counting starts from 10 steps.

Will the band give a notification when the battery is low?

The band will give notifications when the battery is below 10% and 5%. When the band is totally out of power, it will trigger an automatic shutdown.

How to get the Mi Fit App?

You may visit http://app.mi.com/ or the App Store, enter “Mi Fit” and click Search, or scan the QR code in the User Guide for AMAZFIT Band 2 to download and install the Mi Fit App.

. Which account should I use to log in to the Mi Fit App?

You may register an MI account or use your WeChat account to log in after authorization.

What should I do if I can’t log in to the Mi Fit App?

A. Check whether your account number and password are correct.

B. Switch the network in My Phone-Settings (switch Wifi to 3/4G network).

C. Clear cache data (take MI mobile phones as an example, you may click Settings ➡ Application Management ➡ More Applications ➡ Mi Fit ➡ Clear data) and try again.

D. Restart the phone.

If you can’t log in after trying all of the above methods, please send us your MI account or WeChat account to help us locate the problem.

How to synchronize data? What should I do when the synchronization fails?

1) When the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on and the Mi Fit App is opened, the data will be automatically synchronized. You may also pull down the data list on the main interface of the Mi Fit App to manually synchronize data.

2) If the synchronization fails, you may try the following steps:

First, you may pull down the data list to perform manual synchronization. If it doesn’t work, shut down the Mi Fit App and restart it.

3) If the above operations make no difference, switch off and then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth once or restart the phone.


1) For Android users, you may try to clear the Bluetooth data in mobile phone settings before restarting the phone.

2) For iPhone users, you may find the device “AMAZFIT Band 2” in the Bluetooth list of mobile phone settings, click to ignore the device, and then switch off and then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth once or restart the phone.

What should I do if I can’t search and bind my mobile phone with AMAZFIT Band 2?

A. The band can’t be searched and bound when the battery dies. Therefore, you may check whether the band has any power left (tap the button at the lower front of the band to view the remaining battery capacity). If not, you may charge it before you retry the search and binding.

B. Switch off and then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth.

C. Restart the phone.

D. If there are many Bluetooth devices around, try to search and bind again in places with less Bluetooth devices. For Android mobile phones (take MI mobile phones as an example): Clear the Bluetooth cache on the phone (Settings ➡ Application Management ➡ More Applications ➡ Bluetooth ➡ Clear Data).

For iPhones: Find the Bluetooth on the phone, and click “i” after “AMAZFIT Band 2 (xxxx)” in the Bluetooth list to ignore this device.

You may try the foregoing solutions one by one. If the problem has been solved, you may stop trying the latter ones. If none of the foregoing solutions solves your problem, you are suggested to change a mobile phone and try again. If the new mobile phone makes no difference, you may send the band to our after-sales service center for a test. If the search and binding are available after changing the phone, please upload the log on the original phone and provide your Mi Fit ID to help us locate the problem.

Notes: If the previously bound mobile phone is within the Bluetooth range of the band, the mobile phone will preferentially establish a connection with the previously bound band. In such case, you may turn off the Bluetooth of the previously bound mobile phone.

What should I do if AMAZFIT Band 2 fails to upgrade?

1) Click the Retry button on the page to re-upgrade.

2) When the band is connected with Mi Fit App, pull down the synchronous data on the status home page to trigger an upgrade.

3) Switch off and then turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, and re-open Mi Fit App to connect with the band for an upgrade.

Notes: Please keep the remaining battery capacity over 10% when you upgrade the band. An upgrading is unavailable when the remaining battery capacity is below 10%.

Do I have to always turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth when using AMAZFIT Band 2?

1) Incoming calls, SMS, music control, App notifications all require turning on the Bluetooth to keep the band and the mobile phone connected

2) The step counting, heart rate detection, clock, alarm, and idle alerts do not require turning on the Bluetooth all the time. After the band is successfully bound and connected to your mobile phone, you may wear the band only during use. After use, you can connect the band to the mobile phone to synchronously view data.

Why doesn’t the band display notifications after I’ve set WeChat, QQ, and other App message notifications on the Mi Fit App?

The following are necessary conditions for the band to display WeChat, QQ, and other App message notifications:

1) Make sure that the notification bar of your mobile phone has received the message. If not, go to system settings to turn on WeChat and QQ notifications.

2) Mi Fit App should keep running in the background. When the App receives the message in the background, the band will vibrate and display the notification. To avoid process cleanup or intercept performed by one-click memory cleaners or some management software in Android systems, you may add Mi Fit App to the self-starting whitelist. For the setting method of different mobile phone systems, please refer to “Help”-> “Mi Fit Background Running Permission Settings” for more information.

3) If you wish that the band can give notifications after you’ve logged on to your QQ, WeChat, etc. on a PC, you need to set “Restore Mobile Phone Notifications” in QQ, WeChat, and other applications on the phone. 4) The band should be always connected to the phone, and the Bluetooth should be always turned on.

Can the number of vibrations for incoming call reminders be modified? How many times at most does it vibrate?

No. The number of vibrations for incoming call reminders cannot be modified. The band vibrates and gives reminders for incoming calls according to the settings until the calls are put through or hung up. The vibration stops when the calls are hung up or ignored during the reminding process.

Why doesn’t the band vibrate to remind after I’ve set the incoming call reminder?

You need to keep the Bluetooth on when setting the incoming call reminder. First, check whether the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on and connected to the band.

Second, for non-MIUI systems, the incoming call reminder requires Mi Fit App to keep running in the background. To avoid process cleanup or intercept performed by one-click memory cleaners or some management software in Android systems, you may add Mi Fit App to the self-starting whitelist. For the setting method of different mobile phone systems, please refer to “Help”-> “Mi Fit Background Running Permission Settings” for more information.

Why does the band display the number only without indicating the name when reminding incoming calls?

A. Open Mi Fit App->My Service->AMAZFIT Band 2->Incoming Call Reminder->Display Contact Information, and make sure the service is turned on. If not, the band will display the incoming call interface only.

B. For Android phones, you need to enable Mi Fit App to read the contact information (find Phone Settings – Application Management – Mi Fit App – Permission Management, and check all permissions).

C. If the Android phone is installed with other management software, you need to enable the permission for Mi Fit to read the address list or contact information.

What factors can affect the heart rate test result?

1) Non-standard wearing manners such as light leakage caused by imperfect fitting, arm swinging, and slight movement of the band on the skin can affect the measurement of heart rate signals. Wearing the band too tightly, raising the arm, and making a fist can also affect blood circulation and thereby affect heart rate signals.

2)The correct way of measurement is to keep your arm flat, relax, still, and make sure that the band is close to your arm. Notes: With the correct wearing manner, individual differences in skin color, hair, tattoos, and scars may also affect heart rate monitoring.

(The heart rate of people with brown skin and black skin can not be measured, because darker skin colors can absorb green light.)

Can Mi Fit be bound with other smart devices after it is bound with AMAZFIT Band 2?

After AMAZFIT Band 2 is bound to Mi Fit, it can also be bound with the 智芯/米动智芯2 or a weight scale/bodyfat scale. However, you cannot continue to bind it with a watch.

Why doesn’t my band display weather data?

The band does not update the weather data automatically. You need to connect the band to the Mi Fit App and synchronize the weather data. You can update the weather data by performing the following steps:

A. First, make sure that you have chosen the city that you need to know its weather in the Mi Fit App->My Service->AMAZFIT Band 2->Weather Setting.

B. Return to the status homepage of Mi Fit App, pull down to synchronize data. When you wait for the data synchronization to complete, go to the weather portal and check the weather data of the city that you set.


1) When Mi Fit’s positioning permission is enabled, it will automatically locate the city you are in.

2) When the band and Mi Fit are connected normally, the band will periodically update the weather data through Mi Fit.

What is the screen unlock of the band?

The band and your mobile phone are bound together one to one. Within a safe distance, the band acts as your identity ID and it can be used to enter the unlock password or pattern and unlock the mobile phone screen, which greatly enhances the convenience while ensuring security.

Notes: This feature is available on mobile phones that have installed MIUI systems of Android 4.4 and above versions and on mobile phones that support Smart Lock with Android 5.0 systems. Some domestic mobile phone brands have made major changes to the Android system and this feature may not be available on such brands.

What should I do if I fail to unlock my phone with the band?

What should I do if I fail to unlock my phone with the band?

1) Put the band close to the mobile phone. To ensure privacy, the phone can be unlocked only when the band is close to it

2) Restart the mobile phone Bluetooth, wait for the band to reconnect with the phone, and then check whether the band’s unlock feature is restored.

3) Reset the screen unlock. Find the Bluetooth unlock in the mobile phone system settings, search the “Mi Band 3” device under the device list, click and delete the device, and then reset the screen unlock in the Mi Fit App. If the above solutions do not work, please restart your phone.

Notes: For security reasons, manual unlock is required when MIUI mobile phones are restarted. In such case, automatic unlock through the band is not available.

Does message reminders of the band have priority? Which type of reminder has a higher priority?

1. The following are listed from highest to lowest priority: Events > Alarms > Incoming Calls.

2. Any other reminders are interrupted when the band needs to vibrate to give the above three reminders with the highest priority.

3. For other reminders, all new reminders will interrupt the ongoing reminder.

What is the relatives and friends function and how many relatives and friends can I add?

After you add friends and relatives in Mi Fit App, you can view their data on your mobile phone and express your care for them. There is no limit to the number of friends and relatives added.

Can AMAZFIT Band 2 detect daytime sleep?


How to submit feedback in the Mi Fit App?

Open Mi Fit App, click My Service->Feedback, fill in your feedback opinions and contact information, check the App log and band log, and click the Submit button in the upper right corner to finish submission.

How to view the application version of Mi Fit App and the firmware version of the band?

Application version: My Service->Settings->About->Application Version

Firmware version: My Service->AMAZFIT Band 2->Firmware Version Number